Tiny Ollibot Example Server - Call-by-need functions

Ollibot Examples

This subdirectories of this directory describe several different uses for ordered linear logic.

The descriptions contain links to some code examples; click on the links for a better description of the directory's contents.

LICS 2009 Code

In this examples based on the paper Substructural Operational Semantics as Ordered Logic Progamming by Pfenning & Simmons (LICS 2009). Includes examples animating all of the figures from that paper.


Contains implementations of several types of automata encoded in a number of styles, such as determinstic finite automata for evaluating parity, push-down automata for checking matching parentheses, and several types of turing machines.

Lambda 5

A formalization of A Symmetric Modal Lambda Calculus for Distributed Computing by Murphy et al., which describes a mobile programming langauge. A subsequent version of this langauge was implemented in Tom Murphy VII's thesis work as a distributed web programming langauge.